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Let us introduce ourselves

Page Healthcare was founded as a boutique Program Management and Development Services firm, with a focus on campus edge, and community-based Outpatient Healthcare Facilities. Since 2001, we have developed a diverse portfolio of Outpatient Healthcare Facilities around the southeast region.

We provide our services to both for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare service providers that are either looking to enhance the efficiencies in facilities that they currently own, or create new access points for care in new communities that they serve.

We believe that tomorrow’s Outpatient Healthcare Facilities must bridge optimal space programming with a strategic healing health space and the latest technology in order to achieve the optimal patient experience! We understand that access and convenience are critical elements to a continuum of care.

We understand that your mission is to provide High Quality Healthcare Services; Our Mission is to build it!


What we can do for you…

Page Healthcare operates on a “Group Guidance” model, actively managing strategic alliances with architectural firms, design engineers, contractors, marketing specialists, and financial managers to ensure comprehensive expertise and execution on every project.

We actively manage the following phases of development:
1. Feasibility Study and Planning
2. Site Selection
3. Due Diligence and Soils Evaluation
4. Site Acquisitions
5. Master Planning
6. Traffic Studies
7. Programming and Planning
8. Design Management
9. Equipment Planning
10. Interior Layout and Design
11. Ownership and Financial Structuring


Ownership through partnering…

Page Healthcare remains committed to creating the ownership structure that yields the best results for our clients.  We offer an asset conversion program that allows our clients to free-up capital and focus on the core mission of their business. We offer a variety of development and ownership approaches to satisfy the unique needs of our healthcare clients. We remain involved in every stage of the development including site selection, zoning, master planning the facility, budgeting, financing, and construction operations.

Equity Ownership Conversions
We extend ownership to tenants through a partnering approach known as “Equity Ownership Conversions”. We generally create a partnership to acquire and own the facility, and then we structure a tenancy program whereby the ownership is allocated based on the total amount of square footage leased.

Our Leadership

Greg Page


Greg started his healthcare career with McDevitt & Street working on the Prince George’s County Hospital Expansion in 1993. Since then, he has served with firms such as Pepper Construction Company, Healthcare Realty Trust, and Bovis Lend Lease. Over his career he has built (15) Medical Office Buildings, (6) Hospitals, (3) Acute Surgery Centers, and he has renovated (5) Medical Clinics. He is a former member of the American Society of Healthcare Engineers, and he has lectured on best practices and cost control for building a quality community health center.

Greg earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Maryland of Eastern Shore in Construction Management Technology, and he is currently pursuing a Master of Science Degree in Construction Management Science & Project Management at Drexel University.
He is the Founder and CEO of PAGE Building Group, and PAGE Healthcare.

Umar Riggs

Marketing Director

Umar has an extensive background in all aspects of marketing and brand management. In-depth knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing with the ability to identify emerging market trends. He has consistantly shown the ability to successful deliver strategic marketing concepts and implementation of innovative technology solutions.

Umar earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the North Carolina A&T State University in Construction Management.

Jacquelyn Glover

Executive Vice President of Construction

Jacqi started her career with Motorola Semiconductor Sector in Phoenix Arizona, as a Facilities Engineer where she focused exclusively on Interior Renovations and Additions. She has also worked for major contracting firms such as Turner Construction and SIGAL Construction where she has completed some award winning projects. Most recently Jacqi has served as the Construction Manager with Health & Human Services (HHS), overseeing the interior construction program of a 483,000SF building in Washington DC. As a Construction Manager she interface with GSA on a daily basis reviewing the schedule, open action items, and solved any pending construction related issues. Jacqi worked very closely with the team to ensure that the project was delivered per the specifications, and per HHS requirements.

Jacqi earned her Bachelor’s Degree from North Carolina Agricultural & State University in Architectural Engineering, and she holds a Master of Science Degree in Construction Engineering Science from Catholic University. She is the Managing Member and primary shareholder of The Laurenburg Group.

Colleen Lewis

Financial Analyst & Grant Specialist

Colleen has 22 years of experience in business management and strategic organizational development. She has worked in the private, government and nonprofit sectors providing management expertise to organizations that focused on healthcare, real estate development, finance, community development, economic development and neighborhood transformation initiatives.

Colleen has held key leadership positions at CORE Services Group, a community corrections service provider, the DC Department of Housing and Economic Development and Bank of America, a national lending institution. She brings to the team a high level of financial analytical ability, proven business planning strategy concepts, and the ability to leverage public/private partnership and investment.

Colleen earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Pennsylvania – College of Arts & Science in Urban Science. She holds a Masters of Science in Real Estate from the New York University – Real Estate Institute.

Joel G. Goehner

Base Building & MP&E - Sr. Project Manager

Joel has 30 years of Commercial Construction Experience, with significant portion of his career spent building healthcare facilities.

Joel started his commercial construction career with McDevitt & Street serving as an Estimator in the Orlando Florida Office in 1992. He has also worked for American Constructor’s in Nashville, Tennessee where he served as Project Manager, Sr. Project Manager, and Director of Estimating. Over his career he has built (4) Medical Office Buildings, (8) Hospitals, and (6) Senior Living Facilities. He is LEED Certified in Energy and Environmental Design by the US Green Building Council. He is a founding member of the Middle Tennessee Chapter, American Society of Professional Estimators.

Joel earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Iowa State University in Civil & Construction Engineering , and he is the Managing Member of Landmark CMS, LLC a project management and program management firm based in Nashville, TN.

What We Do

Medical Office Buildings

Medical Development is the cornerstone of our firm’s history. Since 2001 Page Healthcare has programmed planned and delivered “Campus-Edge” revenue generating facilities which include medical office buildings, single specialty surgery centers, and medical clinics around the southeast region. We strategically plan every project by first researching the market to understand the demand and capacity in the market to service the demand. From there we develop our project scope and complete our “Feasibility-Study” which includes defining who the key tenants are, project cost and comparable rents in the market, offerings in the market (TI-Allowance), debt and equity structures, return on equity, risk evaluation, and the schedule for bringing the new facility on line.

We offer a variety of ownership scenarios to satisfy the unique needs of our client’s. From concept through completion we remain involved and manage every stage of the development process including site selection, zoning, budgeting, finance, master planning, construction management, space programming and tenant improvements throughout the building. Please contact us for more information on our development services.

Federally Qualified Health Centers

Community health centers are a critical destination location of health and wellness care for millions of Americans – particularly those in underserved and rural communities. For years to come, the Affordable Care Act funding will continue to expand the platform for many new facilities with building capacity grants across the country. With the exception of the (IFI) Immediate Facilities Improvement grant these opportunities are highly competitive and it is critically important that the center is well prepared for the announcement.

Page Healthcare provides development and programming services to FQHC’s that are in need of technical assistance for upcoming grant announcements. Through our “Group-Guidance” Model we have helped several centers prepare successful HRSA Grant Applications and concurrently apply for gap financing through traditional financial institutions that understand how FQHC’s are funded and operate. Our technical assistance includes Feasibility Studies, Financial Modeling, Grant Writing, Demographic Studies, Site Selection, Site Due Diligence, Soils Investigation, Defining Project Scope and

Cost, Space Programming, Furniture and Equipment Planning and Project Management.
We have the successful past performance to assist your center with the growth opportunities for replacement facilities, facility expansions, and or new access points.

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